How We Help Boards & Trusts

Every board has its own unique history, make-up, purpose and culture. It also has its own unique challenges! At Board Clarity, we value these differences and have the knowledge and experience to help you tackle the challenges. Tell us about your unique situation and we will put together a customised package of services that will accelerate your journey towards excellence.

Since 2001 we have provided hundreds of boards and trusts with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to:

  • Truly make a real difference
  • Fulfil ‘duty of care’ responsibilities
  • Attract and retain high calibre directors
  • Function more democratically

Board Training & Coaching

Board members are often selected because of their management skills or specialist knowledge but this does not necessary mean they know how to govern effectively. At Board Clarity we provide in-house training workshops and extensive mentoring designed to teach aspiring board members, partial boards, whole boards, board funders and board advisors about best practice governance. Find out more about board training.

Board Appointments

A board is a team and in order for it to function well it must have the right mix of skills and perspectives. Getting clear on these requirements is crucial before any decisions about who to appoint. Board Clarity can help confirm what blend of competencies, personality and any special talents you require from your next new board member and if required, complete the appointment process on your behalf (and if applicable advise on remuneration.)

Board Strategy

Does your CEO’s strategy align with Board priorities? We can help you develop clear strategic board priorities that align with the organisation’s purpose.

Any high performing team requires external input and boards are no different. Board Clarity is able to work with your board to identify which external views would be most helpful and source them as required.

Board Organisational and Structural Development

Board structures and policies often develop over time as the maturity of the organisation changes. What might have worked in one situation often becomes unnecessarily complex or lacks effective accountability in another. Board Clarity can work with you to establish if your current governance and policy structure is achieving the best outcomes for your moral and legal owners.


At Board Clarity we regularly conduct board governance training workshops in New Zealand to help boards and trusts become more effective.

  • Workshops are held in-house so the emphasis can be put on your board’s particular needs and so you have privacy to discuss sensitive board issues.
  • Our preference is to train the entire board and CEO because this achieves the best results.
  • There are generally 8-15 participants per workshop which allows good interaction between participants and with the facilitator.
  • Pre-workshop interviews (one-to-one), board observations, a review of board documents, a manual blitz, plus follow-up one to one and full board coaching are standard features of our governance development programmes (at no additional cost).



Is your board clear about its role? Do you want to ensure you are working at a strategic level and letting the CEO manage? This introductory workshop will give you in-depth knowledge and resources to improve the performance of your board using an approach known as Policy Governance®. Recognised as international best practice and referenced by key NZ Government funding agencies, Policy Governance® will provide you with a system to radically improve your board’s performance. This workshop will provide you with a clear understanding of how this approach can add to your board and enough information to work as a board to start putting it into practice.


  • The principles of Policy Governance®
  • How to achieve clarity of purpose
  • Ways to clarify the governance role through understanding who the board is accountable to
  • How to manage risk while empowering the CEO
  • How to be more effective as a board through implementing clear practices
  • Steps to take in adopting this systematic approach to governance.

Title: Governance Principles Workshop
Length: 7 hours (ideally on one day, but can be spread over two)
Number of participants: 8-15
Prerequisites: None (but participants with previous governance training or study often gain the most from this programme)
Course materials: Pre-course reading and policy templates provided
Location: By arrangement (we have delivered this workshop in all the main centres and in a number of remote locations including the Chatham Islands)



Does your board understand the principles of Policy Governance® but need help developing and implementing policy? During this workshop your board will develop a full set of board policies that provides a complete framework for board decision making so you can start leading the organisation more effectively. We then stay with your board for several months assisting with reports to the board, boardroom coaching and one-to-one support.


  • Governance (how the board manages itself)
  • Board-CEO delegations (including monitoring)
  • Executive limitations (the CEO’s operational boundaries)
  • Ends (return on investment or impact on society).

Title: Manual Blitz’ and Comprehensive Implementation
Length: 7 hours (ideally on one day, but can be spread over two)
Number of participants: 8-15
Prerequisites: Governance Essentials or similar training
Course materials: Pre-course reading and policy templates provided
Location: By arrangement (we have delivered this workshop in all the main centres and in a number of remote locations including the Chatham Islands)



Does your agency need to maintain productive and positive relationships with boards? This workshop will improve your ability to maintain professional, productive and positive relationships with boards, assess and recognise effective governance and explain what to do if it is absent. You’ll develop tailored guidelines that can be used as part of your assessment and capacity building ‘toolkit’.

Title: Governance Principles for Auditors, Funders and Advisors
Length: Half day
Number of participants: 10-15
Prerequisites: None
Course materials: Pre-reading and templates provided
Location: By arrangement



Board Clarity can develop a workshop to suit your board’s requirements, for example, risk management, adopting British Standards Code of Effective Governance community engagement, conflict resolution and board/CEO relationships.

Please contact us for more information.

Policy Governance® is an internationally registered service mark of John Carver. Registration is only to ensure accurate description of the model rather than for financial gain. The model is available free to all with no royalties or license fees for its use. The authoritative website for the Policy Governance model is at