About Board Clarity

Boards play a crucial role in society, providing leadership to a myriad of profit and not for profit organisations. Being on a board is both challenging and rewarding and sometimes external support is required.

Many companies offer a degree of board support but it is not their sole focus. Board Clarity is one of a small handful of companies that specialises in working with boards helping them become more effective and efficient. With specialisation comes higher levels of expertise, knowledge and experience.

So how did this come about? Extensive experience in senior management and organisational development helped Board Clarity principals Sandy and Cam Brinsdon to realise the importance of a strong board. They became interested in the way boards function and while searching for information discovered a model called Policy Governance.

Cam read widely on the topic and Sandy made the considerable investment to become qualified in Policy Governance by training at the Policy Governance Academy in Atlanta, USA. Since 2001 Board Clarity has helped over 100 boards and trusts significantly improve their performance.

Some organisations choose to commit to Policy Governance and Board Clarity has worked with them on an ongoing basis to implement this approach. Other organisations prefer to use different approaches but still benefit from Policy Governance thinking. What is most important is that board members are motivated to improve and are open to new ideas about how to achieve this goal.


Cam Brinsdon BCom (Otago)

Cam is an experienced governance consultant, a Member of the Institute of Directors in NZ and a past Board of the International Policy Governance Association. Cam has completed the Policy Governance® Academy in Atlanta. His extensive experience in organisational development and change management has proved invaluable to boards in many ways. Cam is also a company director and  has a degree from Otago University majoring in Management.

Ph: 027 233 2641     Email: cam@boardclarity.co.nz


Sandy Brinsdon MPH (Otago)

Before moving into the governance area, Sandy spent 15 years in senior roles in the health sector after completing a master’s degree in Public Health. This has provided her with an invaluable insight into policy development and funding systems. Sandy also currently sits on several health sector boards and, while she continues to work in the governance area through Board Clarity, she has recently been drawn back to a Public Health leadership role.

Sandy is one of only half a dozen New Zealanders to have completed both the Institute of Directors’ Certificate in Company Direction and the Policy Governance® Academy in Atlanta, USA run by John Carver. She has spoken internationally on Policy Governance. Sandy also served on the Institute’s Canterbury branch committee for six years.

Ph: 021 684 174     Email: sandy@boardclarity.co.nz


Policy Governance® is an internationally registered service mark of John Carver. Registration is only to ensure accurate description of the model rather than for financial gain. The model is available free to all with no royalties or license fees for its use. The authoritative website for the Policy Governance model is at www.carvergovernance.com